About us

Who we are

Champions 4 Change Wellbeing CIC is a Community Interest Company which uses the art of boxing to help people to improve their health and fitness; build positive relationships; gain confidence and self-esteem and manage their emotions in a constructive way to relieve stress.

Our Philosophy

We use boxing and mentoring as a vehicle for positive change in young people and adults. We empower them to become the best versions of themselves through structured training and development platforms. It is our aim to inspire our clients to make positives decisions for themselves whilst thinking ahead and designing the futures they deserve.

Our Objectives

  • Improve health and fitness whilst learning the art of boxing

  • Build positive relationships
Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Manage emotions in a constructive way and relieve stress.

Our Programmes

Our after school boxing sessions provide a safe environment for children aged 8 to 16 to to develop healthy lifestyles, discipline, confidence, self-esteem and lasting relationships whilst learning the art of boxing. Read more…

Glyndon CC boxing session

We work with primary and secondary schools to integrate boxing empowerment sessions as part of PE classes.

Our boxing coaches support students to develop by getting them to define goals at the beginning of each term time boxing empowerment programme. 

Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with challenging young people and we actively work to provide pathways for employment and further training through collaboration with our partners in sports and technology.

Our aim is to motivate young people to develop strong relationship that provides a foundation from which they can rebuild their self-esteem and start a positive cycle of achievement.


Boxing empowerment session

Our community boxing empowerment programmes are usually run in 12-weekly cycles to ensure that attendees can set achievable goals at the start of the programme which are then self-assessed at the end of the programme.

Our boxing empowerment programmes are run throughout the year so that attendees have the opportunity for continuous personal development. Read more…

The aim of the summer boxing academy is to encourage young people to be happy, healthy and safe and to help them achieve their full potential, by providing effective support to all during the summer months.

Our summer academy are open to 8 to 16 year old young people who live or go to school in the local community. 

The format of the academy will be a lite version of our 12-week boxing empowerment programme and run on Wednesday and Saturday during the summer holidays. Read more…

Location venues

Below is a list of some of our community centres. Please contact us for details of venues in your location.
  • Glyndon Community Centre, Plumstead
  • Clockhouse Community Centre, Woolwich
  • Emmanuel Community Centre, West Dulwich
  • The Old Library, West Norwood
Below is a list of some of our primary and secondary schools. Please contact us for more information about locations in your area.
  • St. Thomas A Becket Primary School, Abbey Wood
  • Royal Greenwich Trust School, Charlton Riverside
Below is a list of some of parks and open spaces we use. Please contact us for more information about parks and open spaces in your area.
  • Maryon Park, Charlton