Champions 4 Change Wellbeing CIC is a Community Interest Company which is dedicated to helping people of all ages and background realise their true potential.  Our aim is to develop and empower people to improve their health and fitness whilst learning the art of boxing; build positive relationships; gain confidence and self-esteem and manage their emotions in a constructive way to relieve stress.

We run after-school boxing programmes at community centres, and primary and secondary schools.  In addition, we run boxing empowerment programmes at community centres, parks and open spaces for children and adults. 

The majority of our clients are disadvantage and vulnerable people of all ages, such as young people at risk of anti-social behaviour including knife and gun crime, young careers, autistic children, obese children and adults with or at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Wherever possible we seek to fund our activities using community grants, sponsors, donations and small contributions from parents of children on our after-school programmes.  However, competition for community grants is great and our success is not guaranteed.

Therefore, we are grateful for one-off donations of £5, £10 and £20 which can be made securely using our Stripe payment processor. These donations will sponsor a child whose parents are on Universal Credit to receive after-school boxing sessions for 1 week (£5), 2 week (£10) or 4 weeks (£20), respectively.